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What’s next for your fantasy fiction or world mythology book?

Find out which type of editing would benefit your book the most.

Whether you’d like developmental feedback to help convey your characters and plot as intended, line-editing to smooth and tighten your sentences, or copyediting to eliminate sneaky errors, I offer a level of editing that can help.

Developmental feedback & developmental editing

A bird’s-eye view of your story to analyze character, plot, pace, setting, tension, and more.

You will receive personal responses as comments within the manuscript file and a detailed feedback report about what works well, as well as opportunities for improvement. Find out more about my developmental feedback & developmental editing services.


Stylistic suggestions to smooth out your sentences, so they flow clearly for your readers. I pay careful attention to characterization, point of view, overwriting, effective dialogue, and more.

You will receive comments within the manuscript and suggested recasts for clunky or awkward phrases, as well as an editorial report. Find out more about my line-editing services.


A close inspection to catch those mistakes that are hard to spot when you are too close to your own story. I pay meticulous attention to typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

You will receive comments within the manuscript file and suggested recasts for problematic sentences, as well as an editorial report and style sheet. Find out more about my copyediting services.

What if you only want a proofread?

In traditional publishing, proofreading is the final quality control check for errors that have slipped through, or been caused by, other rounds of editing or formatting. Most self-publishing authors looking for proofreading want a copy- or line edit. Please compare my proofreading and copyediting services so you know what I include in each service.

If your manuscript has already been copyedited and you would like a final proofread, I’d be happy to help. Please contact me for a personalized quote.

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Joanne has great attention to detail and her comments were very helpful. She went above and beyond what I expected. I highly recommend hiring Joanne and will definitely hire her again in the future!”

— Josh, narrative non-fiction author

How much does editing cost?

Careful, professional editing takes time and is an investment in improving your story. It’s also an investment in your writing skills for your next book! To get the most out of the process, I recommend running your manuscript past a few beta readers (even friends or family) and completing some self-editing or redrafting.

If you have brought your manuscript as far as you can on your own, then it’s a good time to seek an editor (although it’s always a good idea to book in advance; I often have a waiting list of several months).

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“Absolutely brilliant. Very hard working, detail oriented, and punctual. Joanne keeps you updated on everything and understood my book very well. It was so easy to work with her, and she surpassed my expectations. An absolute delight to work with and very willing to learn about your project and understand your objectives.”

—Anon, fiction & non-fiction author

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