The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

What do independent fiction authors have in common with the best marketers around the world? I’ve noticed a huge overlap in creativity and empathy. If you’re an author thinking about marketing your work, or a small business owner in need of the right clients, this book is worthy of your attention. Learn to communicate the ideas you’re most passionate about to the right people. (Especially if the thought of marketing makes you cringe!)

What’s inside?
☑️ Foundational principles of marketing strategy, content marketing, and social media.
☑️ Inside tips to propel your business through LinkedIn, email, and advertising.
☑️ Insights into emerging trends such as NFTs, Web3, and Artificial Intelligence.
☑️ Practical advice to help you with research, strategic communications, and measurement.

And much more!

“This book contains essential truths to help you rise above the noise in a complex world.”

—Mark Schaefer, Futurist & Marketing Strategist

“The collaborative approach, bringing together the expertise of multiple authors with diverse backgrounds and experiences, creates a well-rounded perspective on marketing, providing readers with a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies!”

—PepperBrooks, Creative Marketing Strategist

My Chapter: Catching Cultural Waves on TikTok

Getting started somewhere where the language and culture change so fast can be daunting. Where do you begin?

Learn how to get immersed, create effective short-form video content, avoid common mistakes, and build relationships to supercharge your impact with a relevant new audience.

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“Let the ideas you’re genuinely passionate about shine through, and your audience will take notice. Bring your energy and enthusiasm, even if it’s for only 15 seconds at a time!”

—Joanne Taylor, chapter 17

It was a privilege to be one of the editors for this book and a member of the book advisory board for this unique community project. Here are some of the amazing marketers I got to work with!

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