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Hi, welcome to the blog at Ajatar Editing. Are you a fiction writer looking to get your work ready for readers to enjoy? Great, that’s what I post about!

My sister is the reason I edit fiction. She’s been writing books since she could hold a pencil but unfortunately something always holds her back from publishing. So while I write posts with her in mind, maybe you can benefit from our escapades too.

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Indispensable tools for editing your novel.

Editors are really good at looking things up, and you can be too. Here are some of my favourite editing resources. Many are free and others might be a worthwhile investment for your writing if you’re on a budget, plan to write multiple books, or want to learn editing yourself.

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Joanne Taylor

I don’t spend all my time bullying my sister to finish her next book.

As well as editing and proofreading for clients, I’m also a ghostwriter and creative writing judge with a focus on giving honest and helpful feedback to emerging writers.

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