Plain language public promises

Terms, conditions and policy documents are often incomprehensible, so I’ve written my own public promises here. This is what you will and will not get from using my website.

BitmoJo working on a novel with a notebook and laptop.

What to expect: This is a place for thoughtful advice to help you with your writing. I won’t do the things that annoy me around the web.

✔️ You will get informative content written by me.

✔️ My blog content is about writing and editing, rather than children and gardening (sorry, kids!).

✔️ I will use inclusive and accessible language.

✔️ Any videos I post will be captioned.

✔️ Ball-park pricing is available for each service I offer.

✔️ If you email me or fill in the contact form, you will get a personal reply from me.

✔️ If you email me or fill in the contact form, I will only use your email address to get back to you. You will not be automatically subscribed to email updates or a newsletter.

✔️ If you subscribe by email to blog post updates, I will only send you blog post updates.

✔️ I use Google Analytics, which needs cookies, so I can understand how people use my website. I do not collect personally identifiable information.

❌ No ads or spam.

❌ I will not try to get your email in exchange for a freebie. Have the freebie, subscribe if you like, or not.

❌ I will not share or sell your email address or any other information.

❌ No push notification pop-ups in your browser.

❌ No popups (there’s only the cookie banner).

❌ No auto-play videos, gifs, or moving background images.

❌ No meaningless AI-generated content to max out SEO.

If you think I haven’t met any of my promises, please let me know; I really care about getting these right.