Is professional editing & proofreading training worth it, or can you learn for free?

What’s the point of professional editing and proofreading training if you can learn almost anything for free online? Does it matter if your editor has qualifications or is a member of a professional organization? I’ll share my training journey with you and some of my favourite free and paid training resources.

Indispensable tools for editing your novel.

Editors are really good at looking things up, and you can be too. Here are some of my favourite editing resources. Many are free and others might be a worthwhile investment for your writing if you’re on a budget, plan to write multiple books, or want to learn editing yourself.

How to get your book edited when you can’t afford an editor.

Does professional editing sound like a significant investment you’re not sure you’re ready for? Use these tips to make the most of your professional editing budget and bring overall costs down.

Which type of editing would benefit your book the most? 

Well-written books have been well-edited, ensuring your hard work results in readers enjoying your story without being distracted by puzzling plot holes, lacklustre characters, ambiguous grammar, or pesky typos.